Annual Memorial Service

You are invited to join us for this cherished community tradition—a very special evening of music, candle-lighting, and personal reflections shared with family members and others who have lost loved ones.

The death of a loved one is, for most of us, one of the most difficult life events we will ever have to endure. Because grief can be so painful and overwhelming, we are sometimes scared into believing that, in order to heal, we must sever the bond we had with our loved one. Quite the opposite is true. By maintaining that special bond, by commemorating the lives of loved ones, by keeping their memory alive, we are better able to find that special place in our heart that is reserved only for them. The relationship continues—just in a different way.

We hope you will join us for this meaningful service.

Bereavement Support Group

The Bereavement Support Group meets on the third Tuesday of each month. Gatherings are designed to provide grieving people a place to receive comfort, friendship, reassurance, social support, and understanding. There is no cost for this support group, and anyone in the community is welcome.


Volunteer Community Center

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217 North Creek Blvd.